What's New?
What's New?
Nov.12.16: It's a mere 7 years since I last updated this site. Ann-Mari recently sent me some wallpapers and other Art, generally collages etc. Most are themed on The Tribe (and also other TV shows — heck, why not?), but a few items definitely belong to The New Tomorrow, both Wallpapers, and Fan Art.

Oct.14.09: It's nearly 3 years since I last updated this site. I've been meaning to create an "Altered Images" section here similar to the one on Tribal Digest. Some of the young cast have moved on and progressed in the world of acting. Little Sal is a cute little vampire girl in "30 Days of Night", at only 8 or 9 years old. "Harmony" was in Paradise Café recently, and 6 characters from The New Tomorrow were in Season 1 of "The Killian Curse", a New Zealand TV show. I have put pictures up of all of them.

Jan.5.06: It's such a long time since I updated this page. Kate has made 4 more wallpapers for Tomorrow Digest (plus loads for Tribal Digest).
And Tomorrow Digest would like to welcome Tribemom, who has sent in an art blend. (Go to Fanfics etc) But that's not all, though you'd need to flip over to Tribal Digest to see what I mean. There I have put up 2 pages of Tribemom's TT Art.

Oct.15.05: Kate has made 2 new wallpapers of Flame and Faygar, to join the ones she has already done. Kate has also made some character art pieces for the art section. Tomorrow Digest has its first fanfic. Written by Kate, It's a "pre-NT" story that links the Mallrats, the second virus ("V2") and the three tribes in New Tomorrow.