Shadow - 12 years old
Tribe - Leader of the Warps

Distinctly aware of being the ‘odd man out’, Shadow does as he's told by his lord and master, Flame, no matter what verbal abuse he endures and suffers (usually from Flame, but Harmony also treats Shadow with disdain).
An expert in the martial arts, Shadow has been in the wars and displays a large scar covering one side of his face; a constant reminder of being out of place in a tribe full of beautiful people. In fact, rumour has it that he was once held captive by the Machines, which scarred not only his face - but his soul.
As Flame’s personal bodyguard, Shadow learns many secrets of the inner workings and schemes of the Privs and often competes with Harmony for Flame’s attention; attention he desperately craves in his sad and lonely life. His only friend is his pet rat, whom he talks to dotingly.